Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boom box :(

It began with a nose-ring of a different kind
The sort you'll very often find
at the tip of a sniffling person's nose
where tissues wipe away constant flows

Welcome to the flu!
What, you too?
I fear there are many more of you

But wait--
too late
My fever's gone
and I've moved on

Now I'm playing vocal percussion
Coughing my head off in the midst of a discussion
Instead of a nose that's turning red
I'm stuck with a cough that could wake the dead

And that, my friends, is why I can't get to bed
and I'm pounding on the keyboard like a fool instead

I've played with the words of a very old song
If you know it, feel free to sing along:

"Come on along and listen to
Bronchitis Babe of Broadway"

Sneezing or coughing, it's no use
Either way, I'm honking like a Canadian goose

Such a hearty, booming cough
on the "box" called my lungs is a little bit rough

It shouldn't come as any shock
that I'm planning another date with the doc

Meanwhile, here's one beat box that's beat
I'm sitting here asleep on my feet
I'll try, for the nth time, to go back to bed
and see whether I can sleep and not cough instead

Here's a hero just for me
back from our friendly pharmacy
I can't drink booze, so no hot rum
Robitussin, here I come


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